Saturday, 22 March 2014


We recently returned from a trip to Nevada where we stayed with our friends in their beautiful winter residence. I was in my glory taking pictures of the desert in all lighting conditions with my new camera. I won't bore you with the dozens of photos I took but Zion National Park was so amazing I would be remiss if I didn't share these. If you haven't been to this park, you must go, just chose the season carefully as it gets way too hot in the summer.

The houses in the area are built to blend in with the surrounding area and if you don't look carefully you can't see them. If you look carefully you can see our friends and the house "next door"

I can't remember what tee this was but never the less all the tees were like this, impossibly carved into the desert.

The three photos above and the one below are all Zion. Look about mid photo on the one immediately above and you will see three climbers on the rock face.

The colours of the red rock and blue sky were so intense they looked almost exaggerated. These photos were taken with the late afternoon sun. Many of the shots taken mid day have a bleached out look and are not nearly as intense.

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Cheers, Elizabeth


  1. WOW these photos are amazing Elizabeth! I clicked for a closer look .. WOW! Awesome colors and those climbers on the rock face ... Holy Cow ... are they crazy or what!!!???!!! LOL! Fabulous ... glad you had a nice time and thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember driving through a corner of Zion many years ago when we were moving from California back to the east coast. It is hauntingly beautiful! So glad you got to go enjoy warmth and sunshine!