Friday, 24 January 2014

Valentine Entry

Day 2: I'm back, determined to fix a couple of mistakes I made yesterday. At least this post will have the title and content in the same post! A few dozen roses and armed with my trusty glue gun later I have 2 topiaries and a wreath ready to brighten my doorway through February. The rose balls are 2 styrofoam balls spray painted red and covered in roses, the wreath is a styrofoam disc wrapped in red satin ribbon with the roses glued in place. The roses are made of some weird but waterproof vinyl that has the consistence of heavy paper, oh the crafting materials you can find in the $ store.


  1. OMG these are GORGEOUS and beautiful your front entrance perfectly! You are so clever! Great job on blog post #2 ... see you're getting it!! Well done on both counts! WOW!

  2. Beautiful entryway! And rhis post is looking really good!